Monate: Mai 2006

Al-Qaidas Medienoffensive

Internet / Medientheorie / Politik

«Al-Qaeda the organization has increasingly become indistinguishable from Al-Qaeda the media phenomenon.» in The National Interest: Al-Qaeda’s Media Strategies Weitere Artikel zum Thema: Council on Foreign Relations: Al-Qaeda’s Media Campaign The National Interest: Al-Qaeda’s Media Strategies Council on Foreign Relations: Terrorists and the Internet Council on Foreign Relations: New Realities in the Media Age: A Conversation with Donald Rumsfeld

Blog trifft Zeitung. Oder?

Blogging / Online-Journalismus

Mark Cuban glaubt nicht daran, dass traditionelle Medien mit ihren Blog-Abenteuern erfolgreich sein werden: «In traditional media, you are first defined by your medium. There is some constraint to the physical or digital definition of the medium the content is delivered on or by, that for the most part determines how you are perceived.» in Blog Maverick: Blogging vs Traditional Media – This time its personal Jeff Jarvis widerspricht: «That’s simplistic. There’s no reason that […]

Die News-Site im Jahre 2016


Leser wollen mehr Kontext und Hintergrund, gefilterte Nachrichten, weniger Werbung und Pop-Ups. Das ergab eine Umfrage, welche das Wallstreet-Journal aus Anlass des 10-jährigen Jubiläums von durchführte. «Much has been made lately of citizen journalism and the perfect site of the future would build on that. „Editors will be a thing of the past. Instead, users will vote content to the front page. Fact checkers will be the only staff left as they verify and […]

Alles 2.0


Eine schöne Beobachtung im Economist zur Euphorie 2.0: «Even the longer journey times in the Bay Area are being welcomed as a bullish sign; according to one breathless technology executive, the drive from Berkeley to Oracle’s head office on Route 101 now typically takes 70 minutes, having plunged to 50 minutes from a mid-bubble high of 100 minutes in 2000.» Mehr: Déjà vu 2.0 Web 2.0 | The enzyme that won