Debatte 2.0

Medienindustrie / Online-Journalismus

Auch der Guardian experimentiert. Neuestes Projekt ist «Comment is free», eine Mischung aus Gruppen-Weblog und Meinungswebsite.

«Comment is free is a major expansion of Guardian comment and analysis on the web. It is a collective group blog, bringing together regular columnists from the Guardian and Observer newspapers with other writers and commentators representing a wide range of experience and interests. The aim is to host an open-ended space for debate, dispute, argument and agreement and to invite users to comment on everything they read.»

Der Grund, warum der Guardian dieses Projekt gerade jetzt starte, sei die Tatsache, dass Diskurs und Debatte immer mehr ins Netz abwandern, schreibt Georgina Henry:

«Why are we launching it now? Because it’s obvious to us that our major competition for opinion and debate is moving online, and unless we move with it, we’re failing our journalists and future generations of readers. We need to expand and deepen the debate which takes place every day in our newspapers and for which we have an unrivalled reputation.»

Und Arianna Huffington äussert sich zur oft verbreiteten Angstvorstellung, dass die Blogosphäre den Tod für die grossen Medien bedeute:

«I am frequently asked if the rise of the blogosphere is the death knell for Big Media. My answer is that Big Media isn’t dead; it’s critically ill but will actually be saved by the transfusion of passion and immediacy of the blogging revolution. Blogging and the new media are transforming the way news and information are disseminated, as evidenced by the number of traditional media outlets, like this one, dipping their collective toe into the blog pond.»

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