Murdoch umarmt Blogger

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Der Medienmogul Rupert Murdoch hat an einem Kongress der American Society of Newspaper Editors über die wachsende Bedeutung des Internets für Verleger gesprochen. In der Rede ging er auch auf den Einfluss von Weblogs ein. Den stattfindenden Paradigmenwechsel illustrierte er an einem Zitat von Jeff Jarvis: «Give the people control of media, they will use it. Don’t give people control of media, and you will lose them.»

In der Rede fordert er die Einbindung von Blogger in die Zeitungen. Die klare Unterscheidung zwischen Blogger und Journalisten sei jedoch zentral.

«At the same time, we may want to experiment with the concept of using bloggers to supplement our daily coverage of news on the net. There are of course inherent risks in this strategy – chief among them maintaining our standards for accuracy and reliability. Plainly, we can’t vouch for the quality of people who aren’t regularly employed by us – and bloggers could only add to the work done by our reporters, not replace them. But they may still serve a valuable purpose; broadening our coverage of the news; giving us new and fresh perspectives to issues; deepening our relationship to the communities we serve, so long as our readers understand the clear distinction between bloggers and our journalists.»

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