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Am 3. November haben im Rahmen der BloggerCon III 28 amerikanische Medienblogger ihre eigene Vereinigung gegründet. Der Hauptzweck der Media Bloggers Association scheint vor allem die Bekanntmachung der teilnehmenden Weblogs zu sein.

«The need for the MBA became apparent during the 2004 election cycle as a critical mass of media-centric weblogs was reached began to have a discernible impact on news organizations. The MBA was created to promote members by providing news organizations and others interested in media-related blogs a one-stop directory of media bloggers by various categories including geographic, media type (e.g., TV, radio, film, newspaper, citizen media), media outlet (CBS, New York Times, The Rush Limbaugh Show) and other categories.»

Pressemitteilung: Top bloggers announce new association to create resource for journalists and others covering blogging on the media

Website: Media Bloggers Association

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