Never forget


Never forget ist politisches P2P-Projekt der Gruppe «Internet Vets for Truth». Auf der Website der «Internet Vets for Truth» kann man verschiedene politische Videos (u.a. Fahrenheit 9/11 von Michael Moore) herunterladen.

«The Internets Veterans For Truth are a group of long-time bloggers, designers, and techies who decided (in slackerly fashion, around the end of last week) that some of the clips that’ve been floating around online needed to be seen by everybody.»

Ein ähnliches Projekt ist die Website p2p-Politics:

«There is an extraordinary range of political speech that has been created for this election, some of it professionally made, most of it not. We are volunteers who think that it should be easier for people to show other people the content they think they should see before they vote.»

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