Medien-Mogule im Sun Valley


Disinfopedia nennt es die «Medien-Version von Bilderberg». Eine Art informelles Geheimtreffen der Medien-Mogule ist die von der Investmenbank Allen & Company Inc jährlich organisierte Konferenz, die zur Zeit wieder im Sun Valley in Idaho stattfindet.
Disinfopedia: Herbert A. Allen
«The annual gathering includes nearly every major player of the world’s media, technology and entertainment industries, and it’s a reminder of just how insular, isolated and powerful the world’s media owners are from the billions who consume their products. Organized by investment banker Herbert Allen, the get-together is a summer camp for Citizen Kane’s, a place where the rich and powerful are able to meet over picnic lunches and fishing streams as they help determine what you’ll be watching for the next few years.»
Disinfopedia: Allen & Company, Inc.
«The investment bank serves variously as investor, underwriter, broker to some of the biggest names in entertainment, technology, and information.»
idaho mountain express: Media moguls alight in valley (July 2, 2004)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Business: Media bigs head to Sun Valley, Idaho (AP)
The Australian: Media magnates roll up ready to deal Inside the Private World of Allen & Co.
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