Media Hack


Media Hack ist die neue Medienkolumne von Adam L. Penenberg, die bei Wired erscheint. Der Autor schreibt in seiner ersten Kolumne: «In the coming months, I’ll study how traditional publishers are approaching the Internet, and analyze the ways politicians and corporations spin the news and how info consumers process this information. I’ll dissect blogs, which some believe could lead to a democratization of news (although in my opinion they merely represent the democratization of punditry) and report on trends. Whenever possible, I’ll try to point out when reporters distort facts or advance personal agendas (it happens). Mostly, I’ll take a good hard look at the evolving state of media in the online world, where more and more people are spending their time and money.»
Adam L. Penenberg ist «assistant professor» an der New York University und dort «assistant director» des Business and Economic Reporting program.
Die ersten drei Kolumnen:
Wired News: New Media’s Age of Anxiety
Wired News: John Kerry and the Lost Kos
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