Bill Gates entdeckt RSS und Weblogs

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Bill Gates entdeckt das Geschäftspotential von RSS und Weblogs. Macht sich Microsoft nun auf, auch dieses Feld zu erobern und zu monopolisieren? (« NEXT BATTLEFIELD»). Einige Stimmen:
Reuters: Microsoft’s Gates Touts Blogging as Business Tool
«(…) The world’s largest software company is waking up to the potential of blogging as a potential threat and also as a new business opportunit (…) Instead of RSS, however, Google is also promoting a rival syndication standard called Atom.»
Bill Gates‘ Web Site: Speech Transcript: Microsoft CEO Summit 2004:
«Another new phenomenon that connects into this is one that started outside of the business space, more in the corporate or technical enthusiast space, a thing called blogging. And a standard around that that notifies you that something has changed called RSS.»
BBC News: Gates backs blogs for businesses
«In a speech to an audience of chief executives, Mr Gates said the regularly updated journals, or blogs, could be a good way for firms to tell customers, staff and partners what they are doing.»
Micro Persuasion: Pearl Harbor II: Is Bill Gates on the Blogging Warpath?:
«Gates‘ remarks were reminiscent of the infamous Pearl Harbor Day email he sent to his troops nearly a decade ago, in which he „declared war“ on the then nascent World Wide Web. At that time, few of us were on the Web. It was still the realm of techies, much like Weblogs and RSS today.»

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