Bloggers Need Money, Too


Eine Auswahl einiger Artikel rund um die BloggerCon, die am vergangenen Samstag (17. April) stattfand:
NY Times: Many Started Web Logs for Fun, but Bloggers Need Money, Too
Jeff Jarvis: «If you trust and like and read Boing Boing because you trust and like and read it, there is no reason you wouldn’t continue to read them because someone is paying for their server.» Blogs: Here to stay – with changes
Rebecca Blood: «I most emphatically don’t consider myself a journalist…. I always link to news stories that I find [and then add] my commentary. That’s not news gathering. That’s not reporting.»
The Register: The future of Weblogging
«One of the greatest limitations of Weblogs is their temporal nature. Postings are always arranged in date order – irrespective of their other dimensions, including importance, substance, popularity – and this often celebrated and rarely decried. In reality, the Weblog model of reverse sequential posting doesn’t even support story-telling, which is one pillar of journalism. (…) Many Webloggers consider it sufficient to link to an article with no context, or simply repeat the context someone else has given it. As Truman Capote had it, “that isn’t writing at all, it’s typing” (or, more precisely, copying and pasting).»