Veränderte Bilder


Poynter diskutiert anhand eines Photos der Madrider Anschläge wie Journalisten mit Bildern, auf denen Leichenteile zu sehen sind, umgehen. Wann soll ein Photo beschnitten werden? Soll ein schockierendes Detail wegretuschiert werden? Soll Blut gar grau eingefärbt werden?
Poynter Online: Beyond Taste: Editing Truth
Kenneth F. Irby: «The power of a single image is enormous in such a visual society. So, whatever your decision, share it with your readers.
One Brazilian editor that instructed the limb to be removed from the image reportedly said that his only regret was not removing the limb, but not telling the reader that it had been removed.»
Poynter Online: A Commitment to Readers
Juan Varela: «Every decision (is always) very subjective. Personally, I think that in a terrible event like 3-11, (the) front page must not show a bloody image in search of a sudden impact. It is better to publish a picture with facts … and to invite people to think … carefully. That is, not a ’soft‘ picture, but (one for which) the true hardness of it is not in blood or in entrails.»