Nokia Lifeblog

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Nokia stellt nächste Woche auf der CeBIT eine Software namens Lifeblog vor.
Guardian Unlimited: Dear Diary… – Nokia is getting into the blogging business
«What happens next is perhaps the most appealing feature of Lifeblog. The software gathers the various bits of media and arranges them in chronological order: picture messages, SMS texts, video clips and annotations (added later), just like Lindholm’s friend’s lifebook.»
BBC News: Log your life via your phone
«Now Nokia is developing software to help people organise the information they capture about their lives on handsets that can shoot still or moving images, capture sounds and send text, e-mail and multimedia messages. (…)
Mr Lindholm said Nokia’s Lifeblog software was part of a growing market for personal content managers and would likely compete with Apple’s iLife and the other products such as Picasa.» Exclusive: Nokia gets blogs
«Christian Lindholm was giving me a sneak preview of the Lifeblog Multimedia Diary, a blogging application developed by Nokia that’s going to be unveiled next week at the Cebit show in Germany.»
ChristianLindholm: Moving experiences Blogging via Atom API on Nokia 6600