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Das amerikanische Medienmagazin Variety betreibt seit einiger Zeit auch Weblogs. Das neueste ist e-gaming weblog (EEG News) von Brad King.
EEG News:
«Covering and commentary on entertainment and electronic gaming. Written by Brad King.»
Andere Weblogs bei Variety:
Variety.com: About Variety Weblogs
Variety.com: Outside the Box
«About the interesting promotional items that Variety receives in the mail. Written by James Hames.»
Variety.com: Bags and Boards
«The trends, the buzz and the business of the comic book industry. Written by Jevon Phillips and Tom McLean.»
Variety.com: The Porning Report:
«Coverage of the porn industry’s move to mainstream. Written by Frank Meyer, AVN Online Associate Editor.»

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