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Xeni Jardin über die spanische Blogosphäre:
Wired: Blogs Coming of Age in Spain
«‹All of a sudden it became obvious that TV and newspapers weren’t providing us with the truth,› Peirano says. ‹We saw things on weblogs that contradicted what we were seeing in conventional media — digital snapshots and first-person reports posted by independent people, individuals, who’d traveled to the oil spill site to help with cleanup.
We were reading these live blog accounts, and it was as if the entire country realized at the same time we weren’t being told the truth,› adds Peirano. ‹The media was just lying.›»
Wired: Wired News: Los blogs españoles dejaron la adolescencia (gleicher Artikel auf spanisch)
Elastico.net: La blogosfera española en Wired
Spanische Blogger:
· Elastico.net (Marta Peirano)
· Caspa.tv (Antonio Delgado)
· context weblog (Josep Saldaña Cavallé)
· Escolar.net (Ignacio Escolar)
· Perogrullo (Jose Cervera)
· Minid.net (Diego Lafuente)
Und das spanische «Slashdot»:
· Barrapunto

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