Time Warner Is Ready To Grow


Time Warner will wieder wachsen:
Washington Post: Time Warner Is Ready To Grow, Parsons Says
«’We are beginning to turn the telescope around,‘ Parsons said. ‚Now we are going to start looking outside the company for opportunities to enhance our growth prospects… We intend to have a different approach than we have had for the last 18 months.’»
Und zum Sorgenkind AOL meint Parson:
«Beyond 2004, AOL’s future is hard to predict, he said, given the loss of 2 million subscribers who have migrated to cheaper or faster Internet services. ‚We still have a ways to go to demonstrate sustainable growth beyond 2004,‘ Parsons said. ‚You have some time and some ability to try some things and see what works. We are reasonably confident AOL will show double-digit growth this year. The issue is, can that be sustained over time?’»

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