Media Leaders @ WEF


Joi Ito berichtet über seine Teilnahme an einer Diskussionsrunde mit dem Titel «Rethinking the Net – Internet Media Strategy, Wireless, Bloggers and Others» am WEF.
Joi Ito: Notes from Media Leaders Community session
«They talked about the ‹noise› of the Internet and the brand of print media, but I explained that there were many ways that blogs managed reputation and that these tools continued to become more refined. I explained that some blogs played the role of journalist providing new content in specific focused areas, while other blogs provided the editor role with a broader focus linking to other blogs and media sites. I talked about triangulation and how choosing a few key blogs as your entry into your view of the Net was a very good way to get a balanced view of the traditional media, something that the point/counterpoint media currently has difficulty providing.»