Campaign Desk


«Campaign Desk» ist ein Projekt der Columbia Journalism Review und der Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, welches die Berichterstattung zur Wahlkampagne 2004 in den USA genauer unter die Lupe nehmen soll:
CJR: Campaign Desk – «Critique and analysis of 2004 campaign coverage from Columbia Journalism Review»
«The Desk aims to decrease, not enhance, the self-referential and self-enclosed tendencies of the campaign press. It is quite difficult for reporters traveling with a presidential campaign to get information independently; the Desk intends to make this easier, by making available links to briefing materials, accurate information, and other documents from the outside world that will help reporters evaluate what the candidates are saying.»
Die New York Times zitiert in einem Artikel Steve Lovelady, der für «Campaign Desk» verantwortliche Redakteur, der sich von Weblogs distanziert wissen will:
NY Times: Analyzing Coverage of 2004 Race
«‹Most blogs are 99.9 percent opinion,› said Steve Lovelady, the site’s managing editor and a former managing editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer. ‹This is a Web site run by and staffed by responsible journalists whose job is to monitor, critique and praise the campaign press, on a daily basis.›»