Blog panel am WEF in Davos


Loïc Le Meur moderiert zusammen mit Joi Ito am WEF in Davos eine «interactive session» zum Thema: «Will Mainstream Media Co-opt Blogs and the Internet?»
Joi Ito: Blog panel at Davos
Loïc Le Meur: Blogging will have the same effects to journalism as Napster & P2P to the music industry
Die offizielle Beschreibung des Panels:
World Economic Forum: Will Mainstream Media Co-opt Blogs and the Internet? (22.01.04)
«Traditional media sources are still the primary source of information; however, Internet news sites, especially non-mainstream outlets like blogs, are challenging journalism’s traditional rules.
1) How is the media landscape evolving?
2) What are the implications of this revolution for traditional media suppliers, producers and viewers?
3) How should the mainstream media make competitive use of these new outlets?»