Geld verdienen


Der Economist über die Kommerzialisierung von Blogging:
a) Geld verdienen mit Blogging-Software (Userland, Blogger Pro, Typepad usw.)
b) Geld verdienen mit Weblog-Werbung (BlogAds, Google AdSense )
c) Geld verdienen mit gesponserten „member-only blog pages“ (AlwaysOn)
d) Kein Geld verdienen
Economist: Golden blogs
„The key attribute that makes a blog a blog and not some ordinary piece of web publishing is amateurism, says Mr Winer: if it is in any way edited, it is not a blog.“

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  1. On AlwaysOn, our members post what ever they want, and then we list the # of views and member ratings of those posts for everyone to see on the home page. So in this way, our members play an editorial role. In our next version of the site, due out in October, we will be a blog provider so all your posts on AO will be catalogued in your member profile section. We are also building in a „business network“ section, that will allow you to link which other AO members you hang with.
    My view is that the some form of the blogging expression, pioneered by the Dave Winer’s and the folks listed on the right hand side of you homepage, will be incorporated onto most all commercial sites, starting with the big boys like AOL, Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.
    So we can debate what a blog is and what one isn’t, but the reality is that both capitalists and politicians are going to leverage this new instant and interactive communication form to rally support and make money. But IMHO, those looking to make money will have to build other services and value propositions into their blog sites to gain viewers who stick around.
    Cheers, tp

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