Joichi Ito


Joichi Ito, MovableType-Investor, ist in St. Gallen.
Joi Ito’s Web
„I’m getting ready to leave San Diego for St. Gallen, Switzerland where I’ll be doing a session on Emergent Democracy at the ISC symposium. Blogging from my sidekick now… I’ll try to post more pictures when I’m in Switzerland. I’ll also be trying out the tri-band sidekick.“
St. Gallen: ISC Symposium
ISC Symposium: Joichi Ito: Emergent Democracy (PDF)
Joichi Ito: Emergent Democracy
Six Apart: Six Apart Ltd. Announces Close of Series „A“ Financing

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  1. etoy conspiracy meeting

    what a night: with etoy managers and agents we spent an inspiring, conspiratory evening up in the appenzell mountains discussing art and open standards and blogging (and other serious business topics). it was an honor to meet famous bloggers joichi…

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