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Werden Weblogs bei der neuen Blogsuche von Google in einen eigenen „Tab“ „weggesperrt“ und aus dem allgemeinen Index standardmässig ausgeblendet?
Reuters: Google CEO Has No Near Term Plans for IPO
„Google allows people to search Web pages, as well as search specific types of content such as news sources, shopping sites through its „Froogle“ service, Usenet groups. Soon the company will also offer a service for searching Web logs, known as „blogs,“ Schmidt said.“
The Register: Google to fix blog noise problem
„Bloggers too are likely to welcome their very own tab as a legitimization of the publishing format. But many others will breathe a sigh of relief as blogs disappear from the main index.“ Informationsmüll?
„the main problem with blogs is that, as far as google is concerned, they masquerade as useful information when all they contain is idle chatter. (…)
I can get a google search with porn turned off; why can’t I get blogs turned off too?“
PlasticThinking: Google und Weblogs
Update – Eine vorläufige Antwort von Evan Williams:
evhead: Register to fix Orlowski noise problem
„This shouldn’t surprise many people, but as far as I know, Orlowski is full of crap. Again. If Google didn’t find that blogs improved the results (and I don’t know, I would assume they test these things, like, constantly), do you suppose they’d increase the frequency at which they crawl them, or decrease it?“

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