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Six Apart: Milestones
„Today, we’re announcing the upcoming launch of a new weblog personal publishing service called TypePad. What began as a goal to offer hosted Movable Type installations grew into a project to completely revamp the system for all levels of users.
TypePad – Personal Publishing Service
Guardian Unlimited: Battle of the blog builders
„Technically, Typepad has embraced all the new things that have appeared or been requested in the blogging world in the past year. There is a built-in photo album creation tool, for instance, as well as a built-in Blogroll – a list of all your favourite sites, or lists of books and music you are reading and listening to.“
News.com: Start-up talks up new blog service
Und die Konkurrenz:
Blogger.com: Dano – The Blogger platform of the future
Always On: About Google’s Eric Schmidt
„The next step in general for information is the self-publishing part. If somebody takes the time to write something, having Google understand that is very important to that person. So if you view the world as one person at a time, getting that person, that author to understand that we value, we index, we search, and we care about their information is a very important part of our strategy.“