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Apple: iTunes Music Store
„The revolutionary iTunes Music Store puts 200,000 songs at your fingertips. It?s built right into iTunes 4 and lets you search or browse genres, new releases, exclusives and more. Preview any song for free, when you find a song you want, buy it for just 99¢.“
Zur Zeit kann man den iTunes Music Store aber erst aus den USA (U.S. Rechnungsadresse der Kreditkarte) benutzen. Songs in the Key of Steve
„And anybody who tries to upload iTunes Music Store songs onto KaZaA will be shocked. Each song is encrypted with a digital key so that it can be played only on three authorized computers, and that prevents songs from being transferred online. Even if you burn the AAC songs onto a CD that a conventional CD player can read and then re-rip them back into standard MP3 files, the sound quality is awful.“ Leader of the Digital Music Pack? Steve’s New Act
Slashdot: Apple Introduces iTunes Music Store, iTunes 4, new iPod
„As a compromise to help prevent piracy, you must change your playlist every 10 CD burns, and you may share the music with only three other Macs (you may modify the list of computers that the music may be shared with at any time). There was no word on the technology used to handle this DRM.“
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