Google kauft (Pyra)


EVHEAD: This must be what we’re talking about
Evan Williams schildert wie es zur Online-(Vor)-Ankündigung des Google-Deals kam: „It was the coolest culmination and synchronicity, wirelessness, and instantaneous publishing.“
EVHEAD: Blogger-Gründer Evan Williams
„Holy crap. Note to self: When you get off this panel, you should probably comment on this.“
Pyra-Mitarbeiter: Steve Jenson
„Dan Gillmor broke the story on Google buying Blogger. That guy is the fastest gun in the west. He knew before I did!“
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Dan Gillmor’s eJournal: Google Buys Pyra: Blogging Goes Big-Time
Slashdot: Google buys Pyra Labs
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Boing Boing: Gbloogle: what it all (may) mean
„If Google is able to index every Blogger post (and, one presumes, every message-board post, once the feature is integrated), that’s great news for Blogger users, but it won’t be as powerful as the other blogmining tools until and unless it can do the same for anyone who publishes something that is self-identified as a ‚blog.'“
Six Log: Google, Pyra and Weblogs
„Let’s just make the obvious assumption that Google wants Blogger’s content.“ Google buys Blogger
„Will Google use weblog links to improve Google News?“
Boing Boing: „Live from the Blogosphere“ instant-replay
Boing Boing: Google buys Blogger!
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Google Press Center: 2001-02 Press Releases
Bis jetzt noch keine offizielle Ankündigung.
Google News: Suchwort: Pyra
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blog*spot – blog hosting
Evan Williams: EVHEAD
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