Wired News: Why Did Google Want Blogger?
„Cleveland said Google will likely use Blogger to develop sophisticated searches that utilize the rich metadata inherent in the RSS feeds from weblogs: who wrote what and when, what it linked to, what linked to it and its level of popularity with Web surfers. (…) A Google representative said the company is not discussing its plans for Pyra’s technology, but said some ‚exciting announcements‘ will happen in the coming weeks.“
BBC: Is Google too powerful?
Blogging is not journalism. (…) I just do not subscribe to the view that this challenges ‚proper‘ journalism, even if it does mean that sloppy reporting and analysis based on incorrect assertions are more likely to be challenged by the online community. (…) And the paranoid fringe think that it is just another takeover from a secretive, hyper-competitive company with no respect for the personal privacy of its users. (…) Perhaps the time has come to recognise this dominant search engine for what it is – a public utility that must be regulated in the public interest.“