Die interessanteste Ankündigung von Apple an der heutigen Macworld ist für mich der neue Browser Safari.
Mein erster Eindruck ist ziemlich positiv. Die einzigen wirklichen Probleme, die ich zur Zeit sehe:
– Tabbed Browsing: Wird von Safari nicht unterstützt. Darauf möchte ich aber seit Chimera nur ungern verzichten.
– PopUp-Bookmarklets: Bookmarklets wie das von MovableType funktionieren in Safari nicht. Ist für mich aber weblog-lebenswichtig.
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Apple: Safari
Apple: Scriptable Applications: Safari
„The turbo browser for Mac OS X is scriptable!“
– – – Greetings from the Safari team at Apple Computer‘ Our changes to KHTML and KJS‘
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Einige Reaktionen:
Six Log: Initial reaction to Safari
„Safari looks neat, but is it neat enough for us to switch (at least while it is still in beta)?“
Mark Pilgrim: Safari Review
Mark Pilgrim: Safari information for web designers
„Safari is a new browser by Apple, currently (2002-01-07) in public beta. Rendering is handled by a modified version of KHTML, the rendering engine used by KDE and its Konqueror browser. This page attempts to document known CSS and other rendering bugs in Safari. These bugs may be fixed in the final release.“
Ben Safari Review
„Sadly, at first glance it’s shit – No tabbed browsing. Which is now an *ESSENTIAL* part of the UI, and without it a modern browser is just pants. The CSS support seems shoddy too. It’s pretty though.“
What Do I Know: Safari, New PowerBooks
„The only drawback I?ve found thus far (besides a lack of keychain access) is Flash content – which suffers the same chug-chug-chug speed problems that Chimera, Mozilla, Netscape, and other non-IE browsers unfortunately contain.“

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Slashdot : All-New PowerBooks, Web Browser Featured at Macworld Expo
„Jobs also introduced Safari, a new Mac OS X browser based on the KHTML rendering engine from KDE (and Apple will publish changes they’ve made to it). There’s nothing especially great about it — it’s a web browser — except that, unlike most other browsers, it is expected to be fast and work properly, as well as be fully integrated into Mac OS X. The web is a killer app, but pretty much all web browsers suck; Apple hopes to give us something that doesn’t suck in Safari. It is a free download for the beta, starting today. This story was posted using Safari.“
The Register: Apple reopens browser wars with Safari
„The surprising part is that unlike Chimera, or the lightning-fast Gecko-based browsers such as Phoenix and Galeon, Apple uses the khtml codebase which is used in the KDE Konqueror browser. Apple will release its many improvements to the source base.“
IGM: Apple’s Safari goes on the Browser War hunt
„The question may be where Apple is going with Safari? Is it just reinventing the wheel or is there a larger plan in the works? Trying out Safari, it seems to run fairly well, and while IGM’s pages render correctly, I get file not found errors when hitting the Back button, and some other odd errors. Although turning on pop-up blocking seemed to have fixed the problem.“
Mac Net Journal: Let’s go on a Safari
„Other than this fatal flaw for me and the lack of a tabbed browsing interface, Safari feels like the speedy and convenient browser that Apple has billed it as.“ Apple releases its own Web browser
«Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg said the release of Keynote and Apple’s Web browser show that the company is ’serious at not relying on Microsoft to deliver key applications to the Mac OS platform.‘ But these products also put the Mac in a precarious position, he said, particularly if Microsoft sees these new products as a reason to slow down how quickly it releases the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Office for the Mac.» Welcome to the browser jungle, Safari
«’Apple can only break out of its narrow (but incredibly loyal) niche in the desktop OS market if it takes charge of developing (applications such as browsers) that are tightly integrated with the platform and if it encourages many third parties–including, but not just, Microsoft–to develop apps for the platform,‘ Jim Kobielus, a Burton Group analyst, wrote in an instant message interview. ‚If Apple can execute on this new software strategy and innovate on both the hardware and software side of the equation, they might finally be able to wrestle some market share from the Wintel camp.’»

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