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Karlin Lillington: More Screen shots from Adnan Osmani’s web browser
Wired News: Teen’s Web Browser Wows Top Geeks
„MIT principal researcher with Media Lab Europe, Gary McDarby, said he was astonished by the teen’s ‚years ahead‘ programming skills. Even if the speed claims prove false, McDarby said, ‚What he’s certainly doing conceptually is raising the bar for the commercial companies.'“
Slashdot: Science Project Quadruples Surfing Speed – Reportedly
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Karlin Lillington: More complete picture on the Xwebs browser
„This week, I promise a more complete picture on the Xwebs browser and the student who wrote it, 16 year old Adnan Osmani. I’ll be talking to Adnan, and I have been talking to some of the judges and other people who saw the browser.“
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Taipei Times: Student builds fast browser program
„A computer browser that is said to least quadruple surfing speeds on the Internet has won the top prize at an Irish exhibition for young scientists, it was announced on Saturday.
Adnan Osmani, 16, a student at Saint Finian’s College in Mullingar, central Ireland spent 18 months writing 780,000 lines of computer code to develop the browser.“ Internet browser that quadruples surf speed wins Irish science prize
Karlin Lillington: The Irish browser story
Karlin Lillington: Further info on Adnan Osmani’s faster browser
Karlin Lillington: The Osmani browser

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