Microsoft und ERP

Wirtschaft Riesen drängen ins Zwergen-Reich
„Microsoft und SAP machen sich im KMU-Markt für Business-Software breit – Schweizer Anbieter kommen unter Druck.“
Infoworld: Analysis: Microsoft guns for ERP
„Microsoft does, however, have the resources to expand the ERP software market among small and medium-size companies, if it can deliver relatively inexpensive (compared to so-called Tier 1 packages from the likes of SAP and J.D. Edwards) accounting, supply-chain and CRM applications built to fit into its Internet-centric .Net software architecture, according to analysts.
In overall ERP sales Microsoft ranks fifth behind Tier 1 players SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and J.D. Edwards, Byron noted. The world’s largest corporations standardize on sophisticated products from these companies. Meanwhile, the low-end and midtier market has myriad software accounting and CRM packages from Intuit, Peachtree Software, Computer Associates, and — just to name a few — many of which are also connecting to .Net.“