Der neue Bill Gates?


Ein Text, der die Veränderung von Bill Gates über die Jahre hinweg beschreibt.
FORTUNE: All You Need Is Love, $50 Billion, and Killer Software Code-Named Longhorn
„Three years ago Gates decided for the first time in his life that less could be more. He turned over the CEO title and all that organizational stuff to his old pal Steve Ballmer and dubbed himself Microsoft’s chief software architect. Friends, relatives, and associates–heck, even Bill himself–all think it may be the smartest thing this famously smart guy has ever done. Which should send shivers down the spine of every competitor. Yes, Mr. McNealy, Mr. Ellison, Mr. Case, and Mr. Idei, we’re talking to you.“
FORTUNE: The $85 Billion Friendship
„Warren Buffet speaks about his friendship with Bill Gates.“

FORTUNE: How FORTUNE Covers Bill Gates
„He’s the world’s richest man, and he’s still the key to Microsoft’s future. We’ve chronicled his amazing life in these 11 cover stories since 1995.“