Napster tot?


Wie geht es weiter mit Napster? Steht Napster nach den gescheiterten Übernahmeverhandlungen mit Bertelsmann kurz vor dem Aus?
Heise: Napster-Chef Konrad Hilbers tritt zurück
NY Times: Turmoil at Napster Moves the Service Closer to Bankruptcy
„Bertelsmann, the parent of BMG music, one of the major record companies, has lent Napster $85 million to help it become a commercial service. Under a deal proposed some two weeks ago, Bertelsmann would have paid $16.5 million — and erased the previous debt — in exchange for gaining full ownership of Napster. Bertelsmann might have subsequently taken Napster into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and reorganized the company, people familiar with the negotiations said.“
Telepolis: Napster vor dem Aus
Wired: Last Rites for Napster
„Shortly after, Napster’s approximately 70 remaining employees were offered two unappealing options: Quit now and receive severance pay, or take one week of unpaid leave, hoping somebody will revive the once powerful file-trading company, sources close to the situation said.“