Bertelsmann kauft Napster


Also doch. Der Abgang von Napster CEO Konrad Hilbers konnte ja nicht der letzte Akt in der Tragödie Napster sein. Bertelsmann to buy Napster for a song
„Under Friday’s deal, Bertelsmann will pay $8 million to Napster’s creditors to acquire the company’s assets. The transaction opens the door for Napster to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to sources close to the deal.“
Wired: Napster Now Bertelsmann’s Baby
„Regardless of Napster’s place, the management team is working to bring back the 70 employees who left on Tuesday.“
Hier war vielleicht ein wenig vorschnell:’s wake
„The company that launched a thousand rips may be dead, but the movement it launched continues to thrive — and to make a mockery of the music industry’s pathetic online offerings.“
„On Friday, after this story was first published, Bertelsmann announced that it was acquiring the remnants of Napster for $8 million, and that Hilbers and Shawn Fanning would remain on board.“