Medien und Politik


eurozine Media and Politics
„What is the role of media in politics – and of politics in media?“ Zu diesem Thema präsentiert das Online-Magazin „eurozine“ verschiedene Beiträge:
» Juan Luis Cebrián: Few tongues, many voices?
„Even greater media concentration, writes Juan Luis Cebrián, could save Europe from homogenised cultural globalisation.“
» Freimut Duve: The Patriotic Syndrome
„The OSCE representative for free expression critices the US media in the wake of the 11 September attacks and exposes the attacks on freedom in Chechnya. He also expresses his disquiet on the media landscape in Silvo Berlusconi’s Italy.“
» Olena Nikolayenko: The most dangerous place
„Last year, Ukraine, along with Russia, became the most dangerous place in the world for journalist to work.“