Disney CEO Michael Eisner und die Piraten

Internet / Medienindustrie / Musikindustrie

Disney CEO Michael Eisner holt aus zu einem Rundumschlag. In seiner moralisierenden Kolumne in der Financial Times entlarvt er die Vielzahl von MP3-Freunden als Diebe. Diese Haltung ist symptomatisch für die Musikindustrie, welcher Konzepte und Ideen für ein völlig neues Phänomen fehlen.
FT: Abe Lincoln and the internet pirates
„These disturbing trends can be reversed. New technologies can be developed by computer companies to make it harder for the hackers to hack. New business models can be devised by entertainment companies to support the consumer’s clear desire to access and own content in new and exciting ways. And legislation can be enacted to establish clearly that, just as people pay for fruit at their local fruit stand, they must pay for music or films or books or poems or software on their local hard drive. Most important, what is needed is a common conviction that theft of all things is wrong.“
The Register: Disney chief Eisner recruits Abe Lincoln in piracy fight
„Not, of course, that there’s any question that Eisner has had this nonsense made up solely to plead the case of Disney Corp: ‚In writing this, I am not just speaking from the self-interest of the head of an entertainment company. For me, theft of property, via the internet or any other way, is not only alarming because of the material loss but also disconcerting because it implies the loss of the moral compass on which our society is based.‘ Indeed.“
Dan Gillmor: Bleak future looms if you don’t take a stand
„Here’s my message to the record industry and its allies:I’m not a thief. I’m a customer. When you treat me like a thief, I won’t be your customer.Enough is enough.“