PayPal IPO


Einige positive Stimmen zum scheinbar erfolgreichen PayPal-IPO:
» Wired: PayPal: IPO Omen or Anomaly?
„The success of the PayPal and GameStop deals indicates that investors are warming up to offerings in sectors that they have shied away from in the past year, said Jay Ritter, a finance professor at University of Florida who tracks IPOs. This is in keeping with the idea that the technology IPO market is recovering from the doldrums of 2001.“
» Reuters: PayPal pulls in $70.2 million in IPO
» PayPal IPO best in almost a year
Einige kritische Stimmen zum angeblich lausigen Kunden-Support:
» Evhead: Pal No More
» Don’t bank on e-payments yet
» MSNBC: PayPal sued over frozen funds
„Less than a week after its blockbuster debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange, online payment firm PayPal has been hit with a class-action suit charging it with improperly administering users accounts and poor customer service.“