Is Weblog Technology Here to Stay?


Eine neue Flut von Artikeln über Weblogs, ausgelöst vom jüngsten Artikel in der New York Times.
NY Times: Is Weblog Technology Here to Stay or Just Another Fad?
„But is this a truly new media species, with the power to command the attention of big Internet media companies? Or is it simply that in this, the Internet’s fallow period, anything even remotely buzzworthy is given more of a spotlight than it deserves. Is the Weblog, in other words, a fad that is destined to fade?“ A Blogger Manifesto
„Why online weblogs are one future for journalism.“
Dan Gillmor: Blogging is Here to Stay
„I’ve been avoiding the whither-the-Weblog discussion, which has been racing along for months, mainly because it seemed so, well, self-referential. My mistake. It’s an important discussion, because so many of the commentators from outside the blogging world keep missing the point.“
Le Monde Interactif: Le Web et moi, et moi, et moi
„Des dizaines de milliers d’éditorialistes en herbe fondent leurs propres“blogs“, sortes de journaux de bord éclectiques et incisifs. Quelques uns d’entre eux parviennent à attirer plus de visiteurs que certains sites officiels.“
NATIONAL POST ONLINE: ‚Bloggers‘ emerge from internet underground
„The good bloggers are not much different from old-time newspaper columnists. They have a style, they have a personal connection with readers, they don’t seem like factory-made op-ed writers. Maybe newspapers will inject some of this first- person style into the news columns. What I hope news sites learn from blogs is that personality matters.“
Paranews: Artikel über Weblogs
Eine ziemlich umfangreiche Sammlung zur Medienberichterstattung über Weblogs.
„In the past few weeks, as I’ve been rather quiet on this site, there’s been an explosion in weblog coverage by various news sources. (…) Goodness, but that’s a lot of coverage in a short amount of time. Unfortunately most of it fails, once again, to penetrate or probe in any sort of meaningful way.“
Dan Bricklin: Observations From a Weblogger
„When I write, I think that I’m writing to peers and to friends who are regular readers, as well as to people who are looking to learn something from a link they’ve followed provided by someone else whom they trust.“

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