Diary of a Start-Up


Diary of a Start-Up
„the rise and fall of ArsDigita and lessons from the world of venture capital“ by Eve Andersson
„This is a story about a company. A company that was profitable from Day 1. A company that built products that were useful to many other companies. A company that had ethics, that treated the breadwinners (programmers) with respect, a company that could afford to help people and give away software and training, while still having enough left over to grow and save a few $million in the bank.
That is, until the venture capitalists arrived on the scene. Lying to customers and employees became commonplace. Greed replaced philanthropy as each of the company’s unique programs was dropped. But, this is a company, and the goal is to make money — any positive impact on the world is secondary, right? The real question is: how much money did they make?“
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Goodbye ArsDigita
by Lars Pind