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Zwei weitere Artikel über Weblogs: Blog This
„Bloggers are the minutemen of the digital revolution.“
„Ultimately, our media future could depend on the kind of uneasy truce that gets brokered between commercial media and these grass-roots intermediaries. Imagine a world where there are two kinds of media power: one comes through media concentration, where any message gains authority simply by being broadcast on network television; the other comes through grass-roots intermediaries, where a message gains visibility only if it is deemed relevant to a loose network of diverse publics. Broadcasting will place issues on the national agenda and define core values; bloggers will reframe those issues for different publics and ensure that everyone has a chance to be heard.“
Wired: Blah, Blah, Blah and Blog
„There’s perhaps no better proof that an idea has gained the attention of the mainstream than a mention on National Public Radio.
For blogging, that happened Wednesday — and NPR’s three-minute piece on how weblogging is transforming journalism was just one more sign that blogging has outgrown its underground trendiness.“