Hideo Kojima, Videogame Designer


«A game takes away 20 hours of your life or more,» says Kojima, who?s turning his attention to online games. «I like to add something to a game that is more than just a tool to kill time with.»
Hideo Kojima, Videogame Designer, von Newsweek zu einer von 10 prägenden Persönlichkeiten des nächsten Jahres ernannt , Newsweek, Januar 2002

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  1. brian sagt

    Hi my name is Brian from America I know that u prob cant read this but if you can thats great.I just wanted to tell you that every game you have made that I know about is the greatest. You are doing such a very very good job. Please don’t retire soon. I will not be that same. And i cant wait untill ZOE the seconded runner come out. its gonna be incredible. keep up the good work.

  2. Andrew sagt

    hi im andrew from the us and all your games are awesome and they never get boring. i cant wait to play metal gear solid: snake eater! i saw a preview for it and my jaw just dropped. you are the greateset. i want to make games like you.

  3. zain sagt

    Hi my name is Zain I am from the U.K. I truely think your games are the best especially the mgs seriese I thought metal gear solid was the best game ever it had good plot and story line and now your making twin snakes its perfect for metal gear solid fans but why did you make it just for the game cube all your biggest fans have playstation 2 why could you not make it for all the consoles and all your fans. The control system is better on playstation 2 and twin snakes will probbly do better than snake eater if it was on playstation 2 I hope you make a remake of the first one on playstation2 or playstation 3 that would be the best that is why you must not retire because a lot of people round the world are counting on you to make great games and I hope you continue to make metal gear 4 metal gear 5 and so on keep up the great work for your fans and for me

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