Apple: Und er ist da.


Und nun ist er da. Der neue iMac. Diesmal wahr. Und kein Gag.
Einige erste Reaktionen:
» Reuters: But by incorporating what had been premium features, including flat screens and the G4 chip, into its flagship platform, Apple is also challenging its own business model, some analysts said.
That could open an opportunity to expand the company’s flagging 5 percent share of the personal computer market, but it will also mean facing the risk that the new iMacs strip demand from its existing high-end offerings, analysts said.“
» „The larger question: Other than the first iMac, all-in-one computers haven’t been huge sellers. Gateway has tried a number of times with the Profile series to popularize the concept, but only enjoyed limited sales. Apple also won’t be the first company to combine a PC with a flat-panel monitor. Gateway did it with one in the Profile series that resembles a terminal. (…)
All-in-one flat panels also have some service drawbacks. If the hard drive or memory kicks out, it can be difficult to fix the PC. IBM cured that problem by making the flat panel removable on its latest Pentium 4 NetVista.“
» MSNBC: „Jobs called the new iMac a “technical tour de force” with “superior ergonomics.” I believe the computer itself looked a lot larger in size when Jobs stood next to it on stage than it did in the Time Magazine layout. But putting all that aside, this design is not only aesthetically stunning, but with OS X inside should be a real contender. Expect to see vaguely similar-looking knock-offs almost immediately.“
Damit will ich den Apple-Hype zu einem Ende bringen. Bleibt nur noch die Frage, was in diesem PR-Lehrstück um das das unveröffentlichte Foto, das am häufigsten veröffentlicht wurde beabsichtigt war und was nicht… 🙂
Dazu nur:
Wired: „Jobs, known for his mercurial temper when things don’t go as planned, did not reference the apparent leak of information, other than to hold up a copy of Time towards the end of his speech, saying „some of you may have seen this already.“